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Located between Europe and Asia, mountainous Armenia boasts a rich history and cultural heritage as one of the oldest Christian countries in the world. Beautiful landscapes, delicious cuisine and ancient culture make Armenia a great place to visit. Every season in Armenia has its own attraction. Regardless of whether you arrive during the cool and cold winter-autumn months or during the blooming and warm spring-summer time, any season in Armenia is ideal for travelers, and the trips themselves will leave wonderful memories for a lifetime. Yerevan is the capital and visiting card of Armenia - the Pink City, which was founded in 782 AD. It is a city with extraordinary architecture, where you can find pure water from fantans in every corner. It is a city of joyful and hospitable people. Interesting facts about Armenia: • Here is the oldest winery in the world. • Armenians - the first state to adopt Christianity • Noah's ark landed on the sacred mountain for Armenians Ararat Armenia is the birthplace of the apricot. The apricot was called the Armenian apple (lat. Mela armeniaca Pomum armeniaca) The most ancient footwear in the world over 5500 years old was discovered in the Areni Embassy Armenian lavash, duduk (musical instrument) and khachkar (stone crosses) are included in the intangible heritage of UNESCO Wings of Tatev cable car in the Guinness Book of Records. The tightness of the cable car is 5572 meters. Armenia is a chess superpower. Schools teach chess as a compulsory subject The spear of Christ, in which the Roman warrior Longinus wanzil in Jesus Christ is kept in the treasury of Ejmitzin. Armenian brandy is world famous. Ararat Horse Factory was founded in 1888.

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