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There have been no terrorist threats against the civilian population in Armenia in recent years.Armenia is located in one of the most active seismic zones on Earth. RA crosses a number of tectonic faults belonging to the so-called Trans-Asian Seismic Zone. Small earthquakes are felt regularly throughout the country, but the threat is the occurrence of seismic shocks of high magnitude-the last, reaching 7 degrees on the Richter Scale, occurred on 13.02.2021. You can arrive to Armenia from Poland by air, using Zwartnoc airport (IATA code: EVN), located approx. 10 km from the center of Yerevan. LOT operates a direct air route Warsaw-Yerevan. By land you can enter Armenia from Georgia (Road border crossings Sadakhlo-Bagratashen, Ninotsminda-Bavra; Guguti-Gogavan (closed due to COVID-19); railway Ayrum) and Iran (Road Agarak-Nurduz, closed due to COVID-19) When planning trips and travel times, do not succumb to the "illusion of short distances". When entering Armenia, you can carry cash in the amount of up to $ 10,000, and when leaving up to $ 10,000 (third-country nationals). Higher amounts require a special customs declaration. Other customs regulations do not deviate from generally accepted standards. In Armenia, knowledge of Russian is common, and in the younger generation, especially in the cities, also of English. Sometimes you can meet with the knowledge of Polish, due to the numerous, in recent years, Armenian emigration to Poland. The Armenian language has its own alphabet. The names of towns and streets in larger cities are written-next to the Armenian alphabet-in parallel with the Latin alphabet or Cyrillic alphabet (does not apply to product names and timetables). Armenian dram Armenian dram (AMD) is the currency in Armenia DRAM (AMD). Money exchanges can be made both in banks and in numerous currency exchange offices. There are no problems with the exchange of euros or US dollars (there is no possibility to exchange zlotys). In Yerevan and larger centers, ATMs serving international payment cards such as VISA or MasterCard are easily accessible, as well as shops and restaurants accepting card payments. Nevertheless, it should be borne in mind that in Armenia cash circulation is still the most popular, especially outside the cities. In Armenia, there are leading international operators engaged in fast money transfers from abroad INTELIEXPRESS, UNIStream, MONEYGRAM, Converse Transfer, Ria Money Transfer http://www.armbusinessbank.am/am/page/Transfers-intel In Yerevan and in larger cities, there is no problem with access to the Internet, Wi-Fi is common in restaurants, hotels, banks In the vast majority of restaurants, the tip is added to the bill (usually 10% of the order value). Extra tip is welcome. The time difference between Poland and Armenia is +2 hours during summer time in Poland and +3 hours during winter time (there is no change from winter to summer time in Armenia). Armenia is located in the Armenian Highlands, in the region called Transcaucasia (Transcaucasia, South Caucasus). Most of Armenia has a dry subtropical climate with Continental features, with short, frosty winters and extremely hot summers. The average daily temperature varies depending on the region of the country, and for example in Yerevan in January is approx. -3°C, and in July from 24°C to 26°. However, it should be borne in mind that the summer months, June-July-August are very hot, with an average daytime temperature of up to 40 degrees and extremely dry air. However, the weather depends on the specific region, in the mountains even in summer there is snow and low temperatures. The annual rainfall ranges from 200 to 500 mm.

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